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Is there a Hush kit for Laser Exhaust


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I'm a new and a proud owner of a 2002 Silver R1150RT. The bike came with a Laser Exhaust System. Its really too loud for me. Is there a hush kit for this or is the only choice buy an OEM one?




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If you want quiet, stock is the way to go. There is no significant difference in performance, aftermarket systems are just noise. If you watch in the classifieds here and on eBay, stock systems pop up every once in awhile.


BTW thumbsup.gif for wanting to break away from the loud-crowd!

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I don't know the Lazer system but if it comes with a removable muffler you might look into replacing the muffler with a VFR muffler. There are plans on this site for a 2-Brothers headpipe and a VFR muffler conversion for the stock set-up. This might be an option to consider.



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George Westcott

Yes, Laser has two tips, one for quiet and one for sport. I have one on my 1150R, sort of like the sporty one, apparently the one you have. I don't find it very loud, though. The difference in them is the length of the tube that is inserted into the muffler. The quiet one is longer, to reach into the baffles, the sporty one shorter. If you didn't get the second tip with your bike, maybe you can contact Laser directly and get the quiet tip.


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