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Where to Order Tires


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I've seen some threads in the past on where to get tires cheap on the net. Can anybody help me out? Thanks in advance!!!

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do a search, make sure to limit it to the bike related things forum, and set the time to last 6 months and you will get all the info you need.

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I use http://www.ronayers.com

I run:


Dunlop D220 120/60ZR-17 Front

Dunlop D220 160/60ZR-17 Rear


SWM has them for:

Dunlop D220 120/60ZR-17 Front 85.95


Dunlop D220 160/60ZR-17 Rear 101.95




ronayers.com has them for:


$78.74 and $102.67


Little cheaper and I think it is $6 a tire for shipping. Very happy with them.

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Must add to my post. There is a small shop near me that will mount carry in tires, somewhat reluctantly, for $15! The guy says he can come close if not match price. So, see what your locals can do for you, unless you are a DIY tire changer. I don't care to mess with it. FWIW.

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