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Patching your own tire


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I recently picked up a sliver of something that looks like a knife blade tip on my rear Z6. My Stop & Go plugger got me home (thumbsup.gif) and I went ahead and made the switch to Avon Azaros. The Z6's have a few more miles left on them, so I want to patch the tire to have around in case of emergency for myself or board members traveling in area.


Has anyone patched a tire from the inside themselves? I think it would be rather straight forward with the right materials, but I'm wondering if the tire has to be put under pressure on the rim for proper "curing". If that's the case then I'm out of luck. Anyone have experience with this? TIA.

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This matter has been discussed many times over the last few months, check out past threads. They should provide some insight.


From the response I have read, the choice is yours. Some put a plug in it, others patch from the inside. Some will not ride on a patched tire, others think nothing of it. U make that decision.


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