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Front Wheel Trailer Chocks for 1150RT


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I'm looking for a permanent mount wheel chock for under $50.


You are in luck, then, because those are a dime a dozen. Just try a Google search on "trailer chock."

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I'm looking for a permanent mount wheel chock for under $50.


Dale, I've had cheap chocks and a Condor chock. There is no comparison. The Condor keeps the front wheel consistantly in position while the cheaper chocks would allow it to rotate and mar up a brake rotor.


As an added bonus, the Condor chock allows you to load and unload the bike unassisted. thumbsup.gif

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Thanks for your input, Steve. I think I'll follow your advise and go for the Condor Chocks. I need two of them for my trailer. Where's the best price?

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My fully customized Wells Cargo Touring Trailer for One Full-Size Motorcycle Model MC-101-5ME came with a Pingel Removeable Chromed Wheel Chock as a standard accessory. To give you an option take a look at:




They are available discounted at:




To be honest with you I've only used this custom trailer to haul stuff other than my motorcycles over the years. My brother also has the same trailer and he has used his with the Pingel chock to haul his HD all over the west.


Whenever I've had to haul a motorcycle (3 times in the last 10 years) I've used my single rail Easy Hauler IE trailer that lowers flat on the ground to allow the bike to be rolled onto the rail.


Good luck,

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