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Why is right side brass screw accessible and not the left?


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Another RT newbie question...

Why is the brass screw on the right side TB accessible and not the left side when the tupperware is on? My idle is a little low (below 1,000), so I thought maybe I could just tweak the right side screw just a bit to see if the idle comes up. Would this work if I only make a minor adjustment or would I possibly screw things up?


Thanks for your help.



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This goes back to the R1100RT (the side panels are the same) where the factory procedure to do the throttle body synchronization was to just adjust the Large Brass Screw (LBS) on the right. It's really a lousy way to do it, and most DYIers here follow a more extensive TB sync procedure for better accuracy.


DO NOT attempt to use just the right side LBS to adjust the idle speed! The LBSs effect sync too, and adjusting just one side will play havoc with sync and the way the bike runs.

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I guess it's time to buy a Twinmax
Or make a water manometer. Do a search here if you're not sure how.
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What if I turned in the right side screw until gentle seat and counted the # of turns. Then turn it back out that number. Then turn it out some more to see if the idle increases. If the bike starts to run poorly, I'll return it to its original setting. Would that hurt? Or, would that screw things up and force me to do a TB synch?




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If you can reset it to it's original setting, there's no harm. Of course you won't get it back to exactly the same spot, but you probably won't end up far off.


But you won't gain anything by playing with the screw like this: you're only adjusting the airflow on one cylinder. Properly adjusting the idle requires a change to both sides.

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