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I have n '05 RT Computer Display Question


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I have ~500 miles on my new RT. Within the last few days, I have been seeing < ! > displayed a few times. I thought maybe the oil level might be getting a tad low, but according to the sight glass, the level is between 50%-70%. If I understand correctly, this is more than acceptable. I did add a very small amount of Castrol 20W-50 this afternoon, however I haven't taken the bike out since then.


Anyone else getting the < ! > display?

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I have over 3,000 miles, now.


Yes, by the time the oil sight glass shows it is at 50% my oil level display has started to warn me, too.


I think it is warning me too soon. Therefore, imo, useless...

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Hope this helps - apparently the sensor for the oil level checker is on the right hand side of the engine opposite the sight glass. When the level starts to get lower the readings can be variable as the oil level 'changes' with the movement of the bike.


Keeping it topped right up with a slight bubble in the top of the sight glass seems to eliminate the variability of the readings, although small regular top ups are required.



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Anyone else getting the < ! > display?


Two days after my first service and oil change I got the same thing on my display. Luckily I was with someone who always carries some extra oil and I was able to add some as the level had dropped below half on the window. I went back to the dealership to complain about the fact that the warning came on and all I got was 'we completed the oil change as required and put in the right amount of oil' (I did get a free quart). I now carry extra oil with me in case it happens again but I think if you search on this topic you'll find that most people think the warning is useless. I make it a habit of checking the level about 15 min. after a ride to make sure I'm not low.

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Many subscribe to the theory that the oil should not be above the central dot. Personally I reckon if you can see the level its OK - just check it every so often. The most important thing is that the oil has been hot i.e. after a run of ideally 10 miles or more. Ignore sudden changes - it is almost certainly a spurious reading unless oil is gushing out all over the rear wheel!


The one time I've had the warning come on was when I know the bike was not level. A subsequent check cleared the warning. The oil was about a 1/4 to 1/3rd full so I reckon that was fair enough. It has been less haphazard so far than visual checks.



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Thank you all for the input. This puts my mind at ease about the display. After taking a closer look at my Castrol oil container, it seems as though I put in ~1/3 quart which restored the level to the top of the sight glass.


As I learn more about this bike's little quirks, I'll be able to determine what demands immediate attention and what doesn't.


Thanks again. thumbsup.gif


BTW... when I was in Wal-Mart a few days ago, I picked up a package of 3 little, disposable, cardboard funnels. Whether at home or on the road, they seemed perfect for topping off the M/C's oil.

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