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Alternative o-ring size for plastic oil filler cap insert?


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Does anyone have the number handy for the alternative o-ring size (SAE?) for the leaky oil filler cap insert?


I remember Laney posted about a slick fix for this and bought a few dozen to give out at a Tech Daze awhile back, but it seems to have dropped off the DB and I'm not at home to find it in my records. Not the one on the cap itself, but the larger size that goes around the plastic insert that is usually the culprit for the stubborn weeping filler caps.


TIA! thumbsup.gif

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Sure, I know what it is! Been carrying the info around in my head just waiting for someone to ask!


It's a 214 o-ring. McMaster-Carr part number 9464K35, $9.89 for a pack of 25, or for the Mil-Spec version, part number 1201T62, $8.29 for a pack of 10


(ok, I stole it from Eebie...)



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Thanks, Dude!! Gotta love this DB--asked and answered in less than an hour! thumbsup.gif


BTW, "foosball" says: "Thanks!" cool.gif

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