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RT mirror safety wire


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Today I made a couple of safety wires for my 1200RT’s mirrors. A friend called me and informed me of his mirror falling off and bouncing down the highway after his service at a BMW dealer. I won’t mention the dealer because they took care of the mirror with no hassle at all. If any of you have removed the mirror yet you’ll notice how easy it is removed by just pulling it off the 3 rubber grommets.


I made a couple of cables about 6” long with a loop at each end and fastened one end to the mirror and the other to the screw on the speaker cover. DONE!! And a very simple fix to a possibly expensive problem.

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Please send photos of your safety wires. I knocked mine off this morining. Walked by the bike brushed the mirror and pop, it's on the ground.



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I buy this cable bulk @ Lowes and cut it to length they have the squish wink.gifthings I just mash in a vise. See attatched.


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Somebody here (Jamie?) makes safety wires for 1150RT mirrors that I assume will work for the 1200RTs as well. Not a complex task but a worthwhile one. Recently a bird knocked off my left mirror and it was saved only by one of the two wires to the bulb. A near thing!

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You can get fishing leader with small loops at each end at any place selling fishing gear for about a buck for two. They come in various lengths and are perfect for RT mirrors. Dan

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You're very industrious as well as speedy Stuff grin.gif


Flattery will get you no free tickets to Disney World on your next holiday. wink.gif

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