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I need Canbus info for a project


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I am learning the functionning of the Canbus system and would like to experiment on my BMW R1200ST.

I then need some info on the BMW standards for GS, ST and RT.

I need information on the physical layer, (bus speed, bit timing), and the identifiers list and functions.

Anyone out here knows about the canbus ?


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I've not seen this information posted...and I've been looking.


Once you know those details, there are many potential gizmos that would be pretty easy to design/build.

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I've looked all over the internet and can't find any CANbus info specific to the RT/GS. I did find this site that has lots of information and links about generic CABbus.


My take is that the CANbus on the BMW is standard in terms of the network protocol components use on the network. What would be useful is details about the control units, consumers and sensors, which albiet are part of the network, but not specific to CANbus.


What would be most valuable in my opinion would be to get a look at the software parameters for the control units - I don't know how the hell you would ever get this. I reckon BMW would be helping themselves by making this information public but I doubt they would ever see it this way.

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Well i just received microchip dev. board for the mcp2515 can controller. I also got a Futurlec Can node to get into it. I might just try to monitor my R1200ST canbus to see at standard parameters, eg 125kbit/s. There should not be much on the canbus since mostly everything is processed directly by the modules themself. Maybe a bit between the BMS k and the ABS, only in faults, between alarm and ZFE for allowing to start the engine, and most of the info to the I-Cluster. I will keep in touch with developments, but i have first to learn how to use the mcp2515 registers and canking software.

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