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'04 RT shift lever adjust?


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Is it possible to adjust the shift lever on an '04 RT up or down? If so, how? I'd like to have mine lower than it is for easier shifting. Thanks!



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Assuming the RT is like my R, then, yes, it is possible.


There are two ball and socket joints. Each ball is secured by a sort of pin that goes through a tiny hole in the socket. The pin is C-shaped at one end, and pushes onto the shaft. A picture would help, here.


So you unsnap one of the C clips from the shaft, pull the pin out of the hole, and then you can pull the ball out of the socket. Then you can adjust the height of the shift lever. You need two wrenches to adjust the lock nut.

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See the diagram below. There is a threaded clevis rod on the forward end of the shifter that allows some adjustment.

Loosen the lock nut, disconnect "one end" screw it out "to taste," lock it back down, reconnect rod to shifter.



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Do bear in mind that the RT has the shift lever coming through the foot rest plate. There isn't a lot of additional room in the slot for extra travel -- mine is only just clear of the slot ends, both up and down. If the lever can't make full travel, clean gear selection will be difficult.

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Actually, I *need* to ajust the lever, the top of the shifter bangs on the chassis when I shift up...

I presume this would help my shift to 2nd, because I am having some difficulty upshifting to 2nd.


I did take the foot rest back plate off to find out the shifter is bolted to it. I loosened up the nut, but how to twist the bolt?

I checked for "C" clap but can not locate it?

Could you point this to me? (need an "RT shop manual for dummys" blush.gif )


BTW what is the black residue on the top of the shifter? (the bike has been running fine for 20kmiles)


Thank you... image enclosed



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