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My top 10 favorite memories from UnRally 2005:


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10. Spike (finally) getting his balls. grin.gif


9. Patti getting her due. thumbsup.gif


8. Realizing that my GS is finally dialed in -- and what a joy it is! clap.gif


7. The California Crew making the trip east -- how cool! thumbsup.gif


6. My first full-day dual-sport adventure -- both with and without my topcase! thumbsup.gifeek.gif


5. Grape NEHI out of a glass bottle, like it's supposed to be! clap.gif


4. People on this board coming to the aid of those in need! thumbsup.gif


3. Ron B. and Old Fart making another UnRally, and doing it so well! clap.gif


2. Catching up with old friends and meeting new friends! clap.gif


1. Hugs (the very best available) from Leslie! thumbsup.gif

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Oh yeah, I forgot the quote of the week (edited to a "G" rating grin.gif):


"I look down and realize that I'm riding 65mph down this gravel road and I think -- this is some stupid sheeite!" DCB

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"I look down and realize that I'm riding 65mph down this gravel road and I think -- this is some stupid sheeite!" DCB


Thanks for editing my radio transmission. dopeslap.gif

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My top 10:


10. 1546 miles, two up, and we aren't sore.


9. First true GS ride with five of the coolest dudes on the planet.


8. Lunch at the Front Porch restaurant in Seneca Rocks, WV.


7. Listening to Todd (Big-T) claim he's "takin it easy" on some of the routes he led us.


6. Running the 600-roads on the way back from the Smoke Hole ride.


5. 257 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway.


4. The parking lot conversations at night.


3. Giving Spike a hard time.


2. Seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones.


1. Coming back from the Smokehole ride 4 hours later than I promised and Silvia commenting, "that was awesome!"


And, the bottom 5:


5. Miles and miles and miles of freshly cut grass.


4. Slimy, muddy ruts hidden on the inside of one certain turn.


3. Unusually high humidity blocking exceptional views.


2. Half of the state of Virginia seems to be under construction.


1. Did I mention the freshly mowed grass?

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George Brown

1. Very nice facility. thumbsup.gif


2. Great roads. thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif


3. Sharpening my gravel and dirt riding skills. grin.gif


4. Picking up some new corning tips – Thanks, Mark (Vitarara). thumbsup.gifcool.gif


5. Campground conversations. cool.gif


6. All the Left Coast folks who made the trek. cool.gif


7. Listening Wild Bill expain how small Urbana is. Then three minutes after he leaves the table another rider (whose name I have forgotten) sits down and tells us he is from Urbana. It was so cool to introduce them to each other. cool.gifcool.gifcool.gif


8. Getting reacquainted with those I met at UN-II and other events. thumbsup.gif


9. All the new people that I met. thumbsup.gif


10. Great job that Patti, Spike and others did Unorganizing the UN. thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif



The Bottom Five.


1. Not Camping.


2. Not having enough time to ride down and back on back roads.


3. Not seeing Marty Hill frown.gif


4. Not getting to ride with Tasker again. bncry.gif


5. Not having enough time to come down on Monday and return on Friday. bncry.gifbncry.gifbncry.gif

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