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DVD Story Tellin'


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Well, since Russell and I shared nearly every experience during the entire DVD weekend, I have little to add to his excellent recounting.

But of course, I'll try:

My Boxer (the dog, not the motorcycle) starts pouting ecvery time I start packing the bags on the RT - he knows I'm leaving. That turned to joy when RB showed up (to play with him, why else?) Thursday evening. But then he (dog, not Russell) got more bummed when we BOTH left Friday morning! "Sweet Thing" (Kris) managed to contain her sadness over our departure...

Russell tactfully left out the part about running up behind a CHP cruiser east of 29 Palms on Amboy Road. "Dooh!" Guess we got lucky, because Officer CHPpie was less forgiving with some BMWOCSD members later that morning!

Didn't get WFO on KelBaker Road, but the new GS tubes on my RT definitely took something off the top end. I can live with the trade-off, tho; more grunt where I want it!

Friday was 450 miles and only 25 of that on the freeway. My kind of day. laugh.gif

Friday evening in the saloon at Furnace Creek was a blast, but we eventually moved the party back to room #903 for an "Agave nightcap!" tongue.gif

Saturday highlights included:

- reflections at Zabriskie Point, Badwater and "Lake Manly"

- the Not-so-Wiley "Moto-Coyote"

- the Aprilia Mille R (with equally exotic brunette pilot) at Shoshone and...

- almost making it to Dante's View.

Saturday's lowlights were:

- NOT seeing Russell in my mirrors while almost making it to Dante's View,

- my gymnastics routine on the roadside (Romanian judge only gave me a 3.5) and

- maybe missing some of the kibitzing while we did our impromptu "Tech Daze" session in the parking lot.

Wait...other highlights were:

- KNOWING that Fernando would have a spare throttle cable (and being right!),

- listening to Dickie console Russell about breaking his cable while "trying to keep up"

- all the kind offers of help, tools and encouragement from fellow riders,

- getting the graphite beast running fairly well without Twinmax,

- the comaraderie and kibitzing while we did our impromptu "Tech Daze" session in the parking lot, and

- drifting off to sleep with a glorious sense of satisfaction.

Sunday's crosswind cruise down thru the south exit of DV had me wondering about that dubious title - "Ol Wake Turbulance" - took me a while to realize it wasn't Cary's RT causing the vortex-like winds. Russell later quipped: "Isn't every day you get to drag a peg going in a straight line!" 'Bout says it all for me.

(BTW, the coyote was a no-show... musta caught his fill of motorcycles on Saturday.)

It seems to me that the closer you get to home, the riding becomes progressively ordinary, but heading home is always a good thing, and it was a fine day just the same. When Cary and I finally parted company as he peeled off to visit family in San Diego, the enthusiastic "thumbs-up" that he flashed was a perfect editorial about a great weekend.

Somewhat metaphorically, the sun was setting as I came rolling into the "Ponderosa" and this adventure drew to a close. My "over-enthusiastic Boxer" greeted me with a warm welcome, and my loving wife had a hot meal waiting.

What a fitting finish to a memorable event. May they all be so good!




Happy trails to you, 'til we meet in Gunnison!


98 R1100RT

Y2K K1200RS (Oh, yessss!)

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Great trip reports, guys...

Almost made me wish I was there, what with the 29 degree temps, and howling wind...

Maybe next year, he's saying wistfully...

Steve in So Cal


If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

-George Carlin

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