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Fantastic shots, Bill. I take it that's your son with you. What a wonderful ride to take together. Decades of memories for both of you.

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Wow! What great pictures! What kind of camera do you have? Is it a regular film camera, or digital?


You got the four corners shot!!! We passed by there on our way home, but didn't stop. Cool!



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Lisa, it's a JVC Digital camera. I hardly use a film camera anymore. Actually, I'm such a great photographer that I shot a bunch of these pictures with a huge smudge on the lens and didn't realize it - oops! Luckily, the image editing software I use fixed most of it...

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Great pics, Bill, Thanks.


The best part about it is the father/son deal. The times I spent/still spend w/ Chris are priceless. Let's get together at IHOP - I want to see your route.


Everyone else: Jason (Bill's kid) at motel in Dalhart, Tx:

"Gee, Dad, you kinda loosen up whe you're away from Mom on a bike trip!"

.....or words to that effect...

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Bill, I love the shots. They are really sharp. Great ride and with your son on his own bike, major memories. Glad you got home same and sound.

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