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XP3923 Autolite Iridium plugs - anyone using them ?


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Looking for info, feedback, opinions from anyone who has installed these..... tnx

I am more interested in 2 plug oilheads than 4 but any impressions are good.

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I can't speak for those plugs in particular but the OEM NKG iridium plugs in my Honda Blackbird have 65K miles on them now and the bike is running fine.

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The main point of the Iridium plugs is long electrode life but since standard 3923's cost about $2.50/pair at Walmart and take only a few minutes to replace at a 12k service there doesn't seem to be a lot of application for the more expensive long-life plugs in oilhead applications.

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As above.

I've run standard 2932 Copper and the Platinum tipped ones in my single spark and couldn't see a performance difference between them. I haven't changed plugs for around 6000 miles and they feel strong.


Personally, unless there are other factors at play, I'd buy the cheapest and replace when recommended.


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I actually found that the Platinum ones caused idle problems for me.

Copper core Autolites are the way to go


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I've been using XP3923 plugs for a couple of years now. They work just fine, are cheap and easy to find, but wont result in any noticable performance gain. The only difference I noticed was that the engine stumbled occassionaly when idling with the OEM plugs and the XP3923s seemed to solve that.

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