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Garmin Streetpilot III Colormap data card question


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Is the anyway I can "de-content" Mapsource info? I just want download the maps onto my cards, not the motel, restaurant, gas station info etc. That way I can fit more area onto the cards and not buy more cards.




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Is the anyway I can "de-content" Mapsource info?

Not that I have found. Map data for any given area now takes up twice the storage space compared with the maps that came with the Streetpilot, which is annoying as most of the database is of no interest. Anecdotally, it takes substantially longer to (for example) recalculate a route with newer maps, too.


I can't see Garmin changing anything, because it can only hasten the uptake of newer receivers with more storage capacity and faster processing.


Maybe in the Mac and Linux versions of Mapsource ...

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