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Heat-troller stopped working


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I bought my 1996 R1100RT used, with a single person Heat-troller with a switch mounted on the dash. This worked great for a couple years, until a day ago, when it stopped working. No heat, and the light on the switch doesn't come on. Fuse is fine, and ground is to the negative battery terminal and is fine. Using a multimeter, and with the ignition on (it's a switched circuit), I have 12 volts at the main fuse box connection, and following the wire, moving towards the Heat-troller, 12 volts at the inline fuse for the Heat-troller. The Heat-troller is a sealed unit, and I can't figure out how to test it without doing something destructive to it. It sits under the rider's seat, on top of the airbox. Before I start removing the fairing and dash panel, to check the switch, I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with problems with this unit?

The heated gear is not the problem - it works fine running with a separate Widder controller from a power socket.





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They do fail occasionally. You didn't say (or maybe know) what brand, but some of them have a life-time warranty on them.


Beyond that if the there is voltage in but none out, you've little choice but replace it. As you say they are sealed and not repairable.

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I had a wired heat-troller die on me. Didn't have a voltmeter to check but it was DOA (and the jacket itself was fine). Replaced by my dealer, no charge.


I think it may burn out the controller if you turn it on without the actual heated gear connected. I am now extra careful to not plug the controller in until I have the liner on and am sitting on the bike. No problems since that one time so far thumbsup.gif

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