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Gerbing's Sizing


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Per earlier post:


I'm surprising my SO with a Gerbing jacket liner. I know it needs to be snug to the body to work properly. I have no local dealer so it's mail order for me and I need to know if their sizes run a little small/large etc. TIA

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Sizing for men is easy. Sizing for women a bit trickier because they have these sticky-outy things on the front.


Basically, when looking at the two numbers that constitute sizing on a Gerbing Jacket Liner, the first number should be your chest measurement plus 4-6 inches. The second number is the sleeve length. For example, I have a 49" chest and what would be considered slightly long arms. I wear a 54/36. If you have a 44" chest and regular arms, you're likely to wear either a 48/34 or 50/34.


With women, it varies as rib cage size and overall chest size can be very similar, or differ dramatically.


Generally you want a snug fit, but not a tight fit. You want a little air volume between the liner and you. The liner heats the air, the air heats you. Tight-fitting elasticized jacket liners like the new Tour Master Synergy or the Warm 'n Safe do work. But they tend to have more hot spots because with the liner pressed against you, you're going to feel where the heated wires are, not a gentle envelope of warm air.


Anyway, I hope this helps. Chest + 4-6"/sleeve length.


Call me at the dealership if you have any questions. I'll PM you the number.

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