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Affordable Luggage?


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Any suggestions for a set of affordable set of bags for my '97 R850 R?


I have had my R for several years now, and have been diligently watching for a set of good used BMW cases to show up for a "fair" price. They occasionally do, and so far I have been on the short end of getting my dibs in for them.


So I am thinking of purchasing some soft aftermarket bags for less. I found a set of (new) Nelson-Rigg CL-950 bags and a CL-700 tail bag for a good bit less than I have ever seen a well-used set of BMW cases go for. I only tour long distance several times a year, and being a family man these days it is never more than 2-4 days, so these might be a good choice for me. (I still have the stock high pipe, so I'll certainly measure before I buy.)


Anyone else using/used a similar setup? Words of advice?




Matt in Detroit

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Givi and no, not their hard shell cases. They make some really nice soft luggage as well. I particularly like their gold model tail pack. RKA has been making soft luggage forever and it has always been top quality stuff.


I can fit everything I need for a 5, 10 ...... 100 day solo trip in that BMW waterproof duffel and one Givi E360 to use as a top box so I have some security and that would be my recommendation. That setup will put you up in the 550-600 dollar range though.

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I recently added a Givi E45 to the system cases that came with my r1100r. I bought the universal mount plate and added it to the existing rack. The E45 is reasonably priced, fits two helmets and is a good match to the system cases.


Watch Craig's List for used Givi bags. I've seen several Givi top cases recently in the $75 - $125 range.

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When you travel, do you want to lock your stuff up, or worry about it?

Many people don't consider that when looking for luggage.

The hardshell provides extra security from most criminal inclinations,

(Yes, Ed, I know they can be defeated)

But, when in a strange place to eat, or what ever, it is nice to not worry about someone removing or pilfering.


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Well, getting things stolen is always a concern - even the bike!


Perhaps I am being naieve, but to date I have been a lesser concerned type. I park close to where I want to be during the day and take it all into the tent (or whatever) with me at night.


I agree that hard cases are a better deterrent. However, I am not willing to cough up the coin for a new set of system cases.


I was looking for a cheaper solution that others may have used. Of course, portability to other bikes is a consideration. I am thinking about taking the XS to VMD this year, and I would need luggage to do it. (Yeah, off-topic, I know. Sorry.)


I guess almost everyone uses the BMW or other hard side cases. That true?



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Probably, true.

Think previously owned.

Very often I see them for $250-$350.

Whatever you spend is recouped with sale of bike, usually.

There waas a set on this board that randy just sold. He still has left sides.

Check the IBMWR Marketplace, and the BMWMOA classifieds too.

If you want to switch the luggage to and from different brand bikes, the soft luggage option will probably have to be your choice. There are nice ones out there.

Best wishes.

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