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I'm back!


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Well almost. I will be tomorrow afternoon when I pick up my brand spanking new F800ST.


I was a regular reader/writer of this forum about 18 months ago, until I had a spill, and had to sell the R1200RT (still miss it). I spent about 8 months recuperating from shoulder injuries before I was physically capable of riding again and decided at that time to get a Triumph Bonneville T100 - I wanted simple, light, manageable. It got me back into riding and was fun, but I always missed the sophistication BM's provide. The Triumph was just a little too basic, and I'd forgotten how tiresome and tedious chain maintenance can be frown.gif


So I went for a test ride on the F800ST the other day, and I was sold after about 100 yards. I'll never be quite able (physically and psychologically) to get back onto a large tourer again, so I went for the smaller, lighter option.


It's been a while since I visited these pages, but I'm lucky my old account is still intact.


Needless to say, I can't wait to pick up the new blue beastie (ABS, OBC, white indicators and panniers).


So, hello again,


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Welcome back! It's always tought to find your stride again after that kind of thing happens. Sounds like you are on the right track. smile.gif



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Welcome back.

Search for the ST that has been converted to a tourer w/GIVI 35 bags and topcase. Maybe on the MOA forum?

I saw pics about a week or so ago.

Great way to make it a tourer.


Found them.



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Thanks everyone.


And tallman, that last pic (with the BMW panniers) is how my bike looks. Now how do I fill in the hours till 3:00pm today.....



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