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The toughest memorial to visit


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It is amazing when you put faces and real people behind the sober statistics. Every war death, no matter on what side, leaves a family distraught, sons and daughters without fathers or mothers. It is good that you took the time to reflect and a realization came over you. It is all so sad. And sometimes so unnecessary.


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Being A Vietnam era vet I relate fully to the emotion you must have faced. Remember, there were no yellow ribbons tied to trees for me, no cheering crowds or TV specials for the troops in Vietnam. We were spat on and mocked for serving our country in a time of war. When the Iraq situation was "turned" into our leader's private war he justified it with ghostly images of "weapons of mass destruction". I knew from experience we were headed into another dead end war where our sons & daughters should have been spared. Our kids are heroes in my eyes but the man who sent them in harm's way will go down in history as a terrorist in the rest of the world's eyes.

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Think you phrased it properly.

These places should make you think long and hard.

Does not matter if it's Gettysburg,Pearl Harbor,Manzanar,The Vietnam Wall Memorial or The Women in Service Memorial.

Each may have particular memories depending on our age and history,but all will have an effect and you really need to be there in person.




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Bob, you have my utmost respect and admiration for serving. My older brother served too and suffered the same indignations when he returned. He never really got over it and despised those (LBJ and Nixon) for making him go.


Just after 9/11, talk was starting up about us invading Iraq. I was on a bike trip in southern Indiana and camped near Nashville. Rode into town to get dinner and saw some Vietnam Vets in town protesting the upcoming war. 1) It really convinced me were making the same mistake over again and 2) many more American lives were going to end.


I have a lot more to say about our Government but I'll leave it at that.



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I have a friend in Iraq at the moment. He has just been deployed and has a wife and two kids.. I hope for his safe return for his families sake...

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