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R1200RT backrest question....


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The only thing my "new to me" R1200RT will need is a passenger backrest. I was thinking of the Pirates Lair version. Anyone have one? Any others you might suggest. I am probably not going to put a top box on so using the box as a backrest is probably not an option. Thanks in advance!

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I got the BakUp backrest from Cee Bailey's for my SO. She is very happy! Link here! And when "She who must be obeyed" is happy,...


Thanks BigFoot. I spotted that one and like the adjustability .... how did it mount up? Any photos of it mounted on the bike?


Thanks !!

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Hi Ed,


The install was straightforward and easy. The first picture shows the seat removed. The necessary bolts and spacers were provided.




And here's a 3/4 side view



My wife did NOT like the Harley backrest, but she absolutely loves this one - even before I had made any adjustments to fit it to her.


I too decided against the top case and attach my TBags and other gear to the backrest. Hope this helps!



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