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Psst, mac geeks... Music player/manager?


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I know there are some mac folks here. I'm gradually switching from Windows (home) and Linux (home and work) to a Mac at both.


About the only thing I really miss is MediaMonkey. Can't stand iTunes, using it is like trying to write a thesis with a broken crayon stub. I haven't tried MM under VMWare Fusion, so that may be the best solution, but I'm hoping there's another option for me.


Support for a largish collection (15k files) and FLAC is a must. Easy syncing and file conversions for various devices, one of the features of MM I love, would be a real plus. I've looked around a little and have come up empty.


What do you use?

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Remember you can run Bootcamp, which will allow you to run both PC and Mac platforms. So you can keep using your Windows programs. Like RoadWolf, I have always used ITunes even on my PC.

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