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very happy with BMW


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Last but not least, my mileage is flying through the 3000s and I've got no issues. I've spent some time with the bike taking it apart and putting it back together for various add ons and am really impressed. Top notch quality throughout. I continue to be very happy with the purchase. Better stop farkling and start saving for tires!

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Yeah, you got it. Enjoy!! thumbsup.gif


Click away those miles and getcha another. Or just keep it till you get 500K on it, or so. Then put it in your living room as a conversation piece. grin.gif

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How many times has the love of my riding life become a POS? Wait for the day when the inevitable happens. Then will the fix it gods become an object of beseachment and comdemnation!

Until then enjoy your new toy! dopeslap.gif

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