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Remus Exhaust System Upgrade Update with Photos


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Here is an update to the original thread. There is a very low freguency exhaust tone that is different to the OEM sound. You do hear it all the time and it is much more pronounced under accelleration. When quickly letting off the throttle, there tends to be some popping in the exhaust. The engine feels "quicker" when rolling on and off the power.


Some relevant links:


If your are interested, here is the link to the pdf file of the dyno printout:




Here is a photo of the left front. Note NO crossover between the headers. The original crash bar bracket is still fastened to the engine, but that system is unusable because the new pipes are slightly larger in diameter and are bent differently than the OEM header with the Catalytic converter.




Here is the right front view.




Here is the left rear showing the can and middle connector.




Here is the center section going into the front header. Note the free airspace above the exhaust system that used to filled with the Catalytic converter and heated up the transmission gears and oil.




Here is a close up of the center hanger bracket area.




Here is the detail of the two into one connection of the header pipe.



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Switz, the header pipes look like they are closer to the lower fairing than stock. Any problems with the paint or plastic melting?

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