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Wilbers or EPM


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You got Hans' site, he used to be a Wilbers dealer but had a falling out with the company who wanted him to sell their stuff only.

From what I have heard on the Blackbird boards, you probably would not be disappointed with the Hyperpro brand.

Maybe a Google search if you are after Wilbers and Wilbers only.

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Teds Beemer shop in CA is where I ordered mine from. Ted seems to know his stuff, friendly, and he will spend alot of time with you...831-438-1100. No affiliation blah blah blah. I ordered them 4 weeks ago and they are on the way to me as of last Friday.

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Klaus Huenecke is the owner of EMP and used to sell Wilbers. He still services them as I just got mine back. I did 40K on my GS on these Wilbers shocks and now that they are serviced, the bike rides as on rails. The Hyperpro shocks are equally good and Klaus will have them set up and built to your specs. They want to know things like your weight with gear, riding style, luggage, two up, off road etc. Whatever you get it will be a day and night difference from stock shocks.

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