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R1150RT side cases


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Does anyone know the capacity (in liters) of the Left and Right standard side cases of a 2003 RT? Can't seem to find this triva on various searches. Thanks!

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BMW shell plus 6 liters from the standard capacity from the R1150 RT

The spare numbers are 71607652735 for the left side bag

And 71607652736 for the right


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That's the number I need. Thank you! I am using it to compare capacities between 1150RT (my bike) and 1200GS (rental in Europe) for packing purposes. Here's my results:


1. The GS top case provides a 40% increase in storage capacity when expanded; 12% increase not expanded.


2. The GS provides 29% increase in total side cases (expanded) and basically 0% non-expanded.



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