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Colored shields


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I have a nolan helmet and I need a new shield. I see different colors. I have never used anything but clear and I am not the type to take two minutes and change shields depending on the riding conditions. Is there a shield color that I can benefit from?

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The only tinted shields I like are the iridium ones. They obviate the need for sunglasses under your shield and that can cut the number of reflections you get. Even there, they attenuate light too much at night for me to be comfortable and I don't always have a good place to stash my clear shield.


Besides, every time I buy one, I manage to knock the helmet off the seat and drop it right on the shield. No more for me.

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I wear a dark-tinted shield virtually all the time, and carry a clear one in my tank bag. Changing out shields on my HJC is a breeze, especially when compared to my Arai.

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Clear visor, but shooters yellow Pinlock insert.

Took a while to adjust to the dif in the dark (headlights/street lights traffic signals) but I notice peripheral movement more (bambi) and find it easier to shoot from the saddle. smirk.gif

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