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Trip to see the new 650 and 800GS


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I promised myself to go and see the newly announced BMW 650GS and 800GS, after receiving an invitation from BMW Netherlands, providing the weather was 'okay'.


It so happened it WAS today, dry weather with even a watery sun peeking through the clouds at times. Sure, it was cool with 8C (46F) and a 'stiff breeze' blowing (that means 'cold and stormy weather' for non-Dutch), but pleasant riding.


Nina wanted to come too, not that she cares much for (new) motorbikes, but hey, I am not complaining. It was fun!


I decided to ride down to Motoport in Wormerveer, near Amsterdam, the dealer where I have also rented bikes in the past. They are part of a national franchise and have several dealerships, BMW being only one amongst them (unlike my own dealer who has BMW only). They have a large showroom and 'apparel' shop, with a coffee corner and a nice ambiance.


Unfortunately the setup does not lend itself much for good photos, so apologies for that... I did the best I can.


Here we go:


This is the 650GS.... nice color and probably the reason why it was 'in front', with the 800GS hidden behind it.








The 'red' made it look better facing than the gray ... I think.....








The 'real' GS's .... *cough*..... where lined up behind the two stars!





800GS 'panel'





.... and 'flanks' ....





Lady Nina........


and the gentleman in the back has a salesman show him the calculations.... "You can easily get those two extra accessories and still stay within your budget....". Yeah yeah.....





Alright, now this was funny.

Nina doesn't really care about technical stuff in general, and motorbikes in particular. She even hates cars (alright, other story).


Anywhoooo... since we have the RT, that's about all she 'knows' about motorbikes, well, sort of. She also knows about Harleys now, of course.


So seeing these GS's, she nudged me and asked "..... but where's the engine?".


I didn't know what she meant at first, since we stood there looking at the thing ! But then it dawned on me..... these GS's do NOT have two over-sized cylinders sticking out the side :lol:


Aha... so that black part there is the engine !?


Yes dear.


(I, of course, didn't tell you this and will deny any knowledge of such a conversation).





I agree it looks like Nina's bicycle. It has the 'same' chain....














Hey, how about this genuine Triumph Bonneville? Yes, it was for sale. No, there wasn't a price on it.....





Other interesting things.... Nina couldn't find a Summer pants her size (duh !)... she needs some mesh gear too for this Summer !


I found some really nice Airflow mesh gloves, fro BMW, and they were 80 Euros...... so I left them there for now.


Oh, and they had the Zumo550 Europe, which I have been eying for ages, now down from 850 Euros to 700 Euros..... I think there might be a GPS in the making for me after all !!!


Last but not least, Nina didn't much like the new GS's. I am not worried, I love the RT.

But when we walked around one last time through the show room, she returned to the row of new GS's (which, by the way, have insane prices now!), and patted the yellow/gray 1200GS on its behind, saying "but I DO like this one......".


So you see, there is HOPE !! :-) :-) (And no Paul, we didn't spend much money, I only bought me a balaclava for 5 Euros).








650 GS little over 10.000 Euros

800GS 12.500 Euros

1200GS (as shown) 18.400 Euros (yikes !!!)

1200GSA over 20.000 Euros.



I guess I have to make it a 'ride tale'..... so there's my bike... yes there.. in the middle, with the black tank bag sticking out.





There were quite a lot of riders out today. The parking was full when we left (and empty when we arrived!).





We enjoyed our little ride, weather's turning bad again now...... so the RT is covered again!

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I looked at the 800ST at Bloodworth's last weekend. Nice scoot, but I thought the way the front brake fluid reservoir was mounted was a bit "dangly". I can see it getting ripped off easily

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I like the new bikes too.


And in Nina's defense, those engines are a marvel of modern compact design, not to mention that half of the head is buried up in the frame where the fuel tank would normally reside.

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I like the looks of the baby GS.........







ditto...what's the estimated msrp here in the states going to be?

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650 GS little over 10.000 Euros

800GS 12.500 Euros

1200GS (as shown) 18.400 Euros (yikes !!!)

1200GSA over 20.000 Euros.


Thanks for the photos...


Looks to me like it might be less expensive to buy a fully loaded GSA here in the USA and import it back to Holland. A loaded GSA would run you about 13,725 Euros at yesterdays exchange rate.


OTOH when you get the USA branch of your company set up, you'll need a business vehicle over here..right?


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Yup, a lot of things like that are starting to look interesting...... provided of course we still make our profits in Euros too..... that's where things go wrong a little grin.gifgrin.gif

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How come the prices are so high in Holland? Here in the UK the GS800 is £6,695, which is roughly €8,750 - the GSA is £9995, which is about €13,000 both these UK price include 17.5% VAT


Do you have some additional tax on them in The Netherlands?

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Yes, we have a tax on automotive products that comes in addition to the VAT (19%), something like 45,2%.

It makes cars and motorbikes WAY more expensive than in Germany or France in most cases.... one reason I finally want to flee this country.

And since February we have yet another additional tax, this one on SUV's (and other non-economic cars). It is already popularly known as the 'Guzzle Tax'. A Jeep Grand Cherokee will cost an ADDITIONAL 18.000 Euros extra now.... The extra cost is based on CO2 emission... sort of....

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