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Got Gerbing's?


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Uncle Sugar was in a good mood this year and sent me a bigger year-end pay package than expected,

so I decided to invest it in my first piece of heated clothing, the Gerbing’s Heated Jacket Liner,

along with their portable temp-controller.


Holy Crap ooo.gifsmile.gifblush.gif I had no idea that they'd be this good!!!!!!!!!!!


Not only does it keep my upper body warm and toasty, but it carries that warmth on out to my extremities too.

I’m wearing it beneath my FirstGear Kilimanjaro 4 Jacket and have done a dozen or so 30 to 40 mile rides in temps below freezing

and have had no warmth concerns at all.


What a worthy investment. clap.gif




disclaimer: no i don't work for gerbing's.......

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+1 thumbsup.gif


I also kind of laughed at the idea of a heated jacket. I always thought that I was perfectly comfortable. I commute a little over an hour, and rode regularly down into the mid teens with just my First Gear Kenya jacket and maybe a fleece underneath. Then I got a good deal on a bunch of gear from a guy who was giving up riding......included in that was a Gerbings liner. After one try I was hooked. I've ridden to work quite a few times now with temps down in the single digits, and I have never even cranked the liner up the whole way. In low temps it made the difference of going from "tolerable" to just plain warm and cozy.

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You'll the same thrill when you hook up the electric gloves to the jacket! The heated gear really does make the difference. Not having to have so much gear on that you can't move makes the heated gear a safety improvement in my opinion.

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I use Warm-n-Safe which I think were one of the original folks making heated stuff. The Gerbing and Harley controllers are knock offs of their first or second generation controller. Heated stuff makes a cold day bearable! wink.gif

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This morning in Panama City, (Florida) temp was in the high 40's with 20+ mph winds. After several minutes of standing around yacking/freezing our Florida tans off, my buddy and I wisened up and started our ride - the Gerbings had us warm and toasty in no time... Gerbings thumbsup.gif

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pants/jacket/G3 gloves on the way down from MD to NC this January.. 20's/30's the whole way. Comfy.

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A "worthy investment" indeed. I now actually enjoy riding when it's cold out.

I really hate riding while wearing so much stuff that I feel like a little kid stuffed in a winter snowsuit. The jacket liner extended my season by at least a month. I keep it in my top box year round. It's light enough that I wear it with no electrics on chilly spring evenings.

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Left Cordele, GA at 0900 yesterday on my way home from Oak Ridge, TN. Temps in the upper 30's and raining. Gerbings jacket liner, topped with a sweat shirt under my Cortech GT, actually had to turn the temp controller down a bit once south of Valdosta. Removed it altogether south of Orlando.


Best gear investment I have ever made.

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We run 2 jacket liners and 2 pairs of heated gloves.


BTW, temps in the 20's this morning.

Frequent morning commutes in the 20/30's.

I rarely use heated grips as the gloves are better.

Do use Aerostitch triple digits over the G3's and that adds more comfort.

Beth wears the Aerostitch insulated Triple Digits over hers when it is cooold.

This allows use when misty/rain/snow too.

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Only ice can stop my skinny easy to freeze butt. Extended hours in very low temps and I can not keep it on high! Socks, over pant, jacket liner and gloves! Too bad I no longer have the BMW to plug it into right now! Maybe by next winter. The liners come high on the neck and heat seems to even transfer into the helmet.

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As others suggested the gloves are an outstanding addition.


Thru out the last few years I have been adding to the Gerbing collection, with sox, pants, jacket and gloves you are impervious to cold weather and you carry less gear as others have stated.


Great choice great recommendation (not affiliated).


To avoid any issues I connected directly to the Centech, actually avoided any fuses as the main power connector has a built in fuse.

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I had mine on high, under a leather jacket, when it started to rain at about 34 degrees. The steam comming off of my arms and back had more than one cager yell to me that I was on fire. "TOASTY"

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Heated vest and gloves make a huge difference in the quality of riding you can do in the cold. I prefer to ride in the cold over the heat and with the pinlock shield on my Shoei the only thing that stops me is ice.


Heated gear is the only way to travel. Even in the summer and fall I usually keep my vest with me so that I don't have to carry much bulk for a colder evening ride. The vest takes up very little space and keeps my luggage space to a minimum. thumbsup.gif

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