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Winery Tour....


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So, wasn't there some talk of a wineries tour?


I've done some "research" in years past (King Estates, Willamette Valley Vineyards, Ankeny Hill Vineyards, Hauer of the Dauen, etc.). Depending on how the 4th shapes up (maybe a gathering at Vader, WA), we could chart some stops through the Willamette Valley prior to heading east.



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Wrong part of Oregon, hombre!


I think the thought was the Columbia River Valley and or Walla Walla area, about 3 hours drive away in WA. The way I heard it, the idea was to charter a van or bus... It's doable if there is interest.



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Good point. I'd recommend Walla Walla, if you've never been there. Some top-grade cabs and meritages are coming out of there.

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Here's a little article on the record production in Oregon the last few years..... clap.gif





I was a beer snob back in College (early 90's) and worked at a little mom and pop liquor store to pay for my habit. They tried to get me into wine so I could sell it like I could the craft beer. Well I "cut my teeth" on Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir. It was the only wine that I really liked and it was fairly inexpensive at the time at $12-$14 but now I can't get it for anything less than $30 if I can get it at all. I will be touring that vinyard just for nostalgia reasons.

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