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Standard Cig lighter socket?


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I'm wanting to install a 'standard' (non-powerlet) cigarette lighter socket in the dash of my 1150RT to accept the DC power adapter for a Samsung BlackJack2 cell phone (with Garmin MobileXT GPS). I'd prefer to use one with a spring-loaded cover to keep water out while not in use.


Powerlet has one, but it doesn't have the snap-closed spring-loaded cover I'm looking for (and they are a little pricy). Anyone know of others?


Also, I've seen some mounted next to the fog light switch. Is that the best place (maybe only place) to mount it?

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I bought one at a department store, marine department, with a push in water proof cover. $9.99. I'll have to put a touch of silicone sealant on the back where the wires come out to ensure watertightness.


Now, for where to put it????? I have the dash all apart, and I'm not sure where it can go. I have a BMW powerlet in the dash, close to center, but it is smaller in diameter, and the cig lighter will not fit there. I sort of put it on hold until it warmed up a bit in the garage, so will have another look today or tomorrow.

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Some posters have recently suggested putting the socket in the radio glove box using the radio prep kit wires. That is of course if you don't have the radio installed. Also if you wanted to charge while riding and have access to the whatever you're charging I guess this wouldn't work.

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I got one for less than $10 at the local auto parts place, has a rubber cap that seems to work. Been on ther for 3 years now and still works. I piggy backed it onto the dash BMW power plug.

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i have installed a few on our bikes, i installed them in front of the right vent under the speaker. you can get the socket from walmart for $8, it is water-tight with a spring loaded lid. get a couple screws from the local hardware store, and some nylon lock nuts. I used crimped on bullet connectors and attached them behind the fairing for easy removal during maintenance. I also ran a line direct to the battery with an inline fuse (15amp) for constant power.


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