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Trail Tech Lights on Ezy-Mount - Spot, flood, or both?


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I'm going to buy a pair of Trail Tech SCR16 HID lights and mount them on a Ezy-Mount. I want the Trail Tech instead of the PIAA lights (I sold the PIAA 1100 I had on it already) because I also modified the headlight for HID as well.


Even though I have an R1100RT instead of the R1150RT the Ezy-mount will fit just fine. I expect the Trail Tech lights to fit too. Although I may have to modify the mount if the thread pattern is not the same for the Trail Tech posts, but that's not a problem for me.


I'm just not sure if I want to get spot lights, flood lights, or a combination of the two. The spot lights have a 12 degree viewing angle and the flood 30 degrees. Normally I'd just go for spot lights to add some distance. But I was thinking it might be nice to have a spot light on the left and a flood light on the right. Or maybe two flood lights as most faired motorcycles illuminate in front but not two well to the sides.


Thoughts or suggestions are welcome, but no heavy opinions about HID conversions or HID being too bright (no such thing as far as I am concerned) please.

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