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Tandem LEO competition.


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I have seen lots of LEO low speed competition videos but never two at a time.


That's interesting ("never two at a time"). Here in the mid-Atlantic, it's done, though last year (2007) was the first time I'd seen it.


If you ever have the opportunity to go to a police motorcycle rodeo, do it. You'll be amazed at how good they are.


OTOH, certain police motor groups (so I have been told--particularly units in FL) have officers whose sole responsibility is performing well in rodeos! And to that end, they spend large amounts of their days practicing for these things.

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A litttle shaky becayse head and eye placement is bad. Those cops are looking in the wrong direction. Some whiner tax payer groups could also argue that their "assets" both in the form of officers and their Harley's are being exposed to unnecessary damage and injury hazards. Stuff like this could lead to a injury disability retirement.

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I work for Henrico Fire in Virginia. We have to police officers in the county that compete in the LEO competitions on their BMW RTP's. Officer Pecka and Leabough set up the course at the last Morton's Oktoberfest. Along with going through the course solo, they put both bikes through at the same time and even did the course side saddle. Quite impressive ooo.gif. Jeff Massey (the owner of Mortons) had a clunker RTP that he let folks try the course on. Needless to say that RTP was even more of a clunker after people trying it out. lmao.gif


There are some pics on the mortons website www.mortonsbmw.com There is a link for the oktoberfest photos.

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