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Wind buffeting of passenger?


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I have money down on an '03 R1150RT at a dealer two hours from home. I will pay the balance and pick it up when winter finally breaks its grip on this area.


I am upgrading from an '86 R80RT (which I am keeping!) to provide a more comfortable bike for my wife, who loves riding as a passenger, for medium distance touring. I have heard a rumor that the 03 RT's send the airflow from the windscreen on top of the passenger's head and shoulders. I don't see anything in the posts on this Forum that support that, but I would still like to know the answer to this concern.


The buffeting from the airflow over the R80RT bothered her until we had the Corbin seat rebuilt by a local master upholsterer who cut it down some. She has been much more comfortable since.


Since the idea of buying the 03 RT is provide a long legged tourer for BOTH of us, I don't really want to shell out the bucks for a new bike if the ride is going to be worse for my passenger. If there is a problem, but there is a fix for it, that would also be acceptable.

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Thanks. I had read through all of the posts on passenger comfort before I made my inquiry. But I still didn't see much on passenger buffeting. It seems like that if I stay away from other than the standard windscreen the buffeting on the 1150RT shouldn't be any worse for the passenger than any other sport tourer. Good assumption?

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Hello LAP1,


I have a 20031150 RT and my wife (5'-2") complained to me about getting buffeted while on back.


I bought a Cee Baily windscreen that is about 3 1/2" taller than stock. It seems to have solved the problem. At highway cruise speed 75 mph plus), I have the windscreen extended all the way up and I am actually looking througn it.


Cee Bailey quality and service was excellent. New windshield fit perfectly.


GOod luck!

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