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I think I remember that shot..... nice one ! And its always nice 'getting published' thumbsup.gif

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Cool man,how fun.


Cycle Gear's the best. Just order my new Avon Storm front tyre and they matched the best price I could find. They pretty much get all my after market business. Smart!! thumbsup.gif

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Congrats thumbsup.gif


25 right? Nice shot.

Did they approach you for the use of this or was there a contest of sorts?

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And its always nice 'getting published'


Yes & no...

Several years back I went on a 4x4 outing with one of my brothers & some of his 4x4 club members.

I took several hundreds of images & many turned out quite nice.

I made copies & gave them to the other participants of the event.

One individual owns/operates a 4x4 accessory shop & my brother informed me that several of my images were published in this individuals latest parts catalog.

I was neither asked nor credited/compensated for the use of my images.


I was flattered but at the same time felt a bit violated.


Find them here used as back drop scattered about & at the end most of the images in the mosaic are mine.

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They gave me $25 and told me to never send them a picture again!


I don't care if your name is Tim, that's funny. lmao.gif

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