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New Mexico Trip Suggestions


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I'll be touring New Mexico for the first time in May. Never been there. I'll be on a touring bike. Any suggestions for roads, rides, etc? lurker.gif

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You are in for a treat. NM is beautiful, and has many great reasons to tour- not the least of which is the food.


Having said all that- I can HIGHLY recommend highway 64, running east and west from I-25 just south of Raton, to Taos, via Eagle Nest.


There is much more but I will let others chime in.

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The "Enchanted circle" includes hwy 64, 38 & 522. It starts in Taos then goes to Angle Fire, Eagle Nest and Red River. Great ride. I did it on a bicycle several years ago.

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If you in southern New Mexico take Rt. 9 from just west of El Paso, Sunland Park, N.M. actually, and take it all of the way across New Mexico. It runs anywhere from 3-15 miles north of the border. There are some great little towns along the way. Enjoy.

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The area around Silver City is one of my favorites. Hwy 152 to the east is a great road as is Hwy 78 which is north and west.

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+1 on Silver City area.


The roads North of Santa Fe (Taos area) are very nice but more traffic. The area around Charma is less traveled and I like it.


Further south and east is the Ruidoso area which I also like. From there you can also hit Carlsbad and just south of there is the Guadlupe Mtns - in Texas.

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You must go to Ruidoso, the area is great and surrounding roads awesome. Keep off of highway 550, this road is at 7000 feet elevation and the first and last time I was on it was Memorial day weekend 2006 winds of 30 mph out of the west with gusts to over 60, it was the worst riding day of my life and that includes New Jersey winter riding conditions!

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Ah, Weedhopper ! My old stompin' grounds!


There is so much to recommend.


One of my favorite day trips leaves from either Albuquerque or Santa Fe. I prefer leaving from Albuquerque. North on I-25 to Rt. 550 towards Cuba. Coronado Nat'l Monument is just off I-25 and is worth a look for the small museum and painted kiva. Then cut north at San Ysidro through the canyon of the Jemez River. Stop and climb on the Soda Dam. Gaze in awe at the Valle Grande. Explore the cliff dwellings and ancient pueblo at Bandelier Nat'l Mon. below Los Alamos. Visit Los Alamos. There's a great science museum and a gas of a museum store. There is also a little-visited museum of the town's history and the Manhattan Project that's very cool.

Drop down off "The Hill", as Los Alamos dwellers call it, and just beyond Otowi Bridge take the left turn toward Espanola. You'll pass Santa Clara and San Ildefonso Pueblos which are both famed for their beautiful (but not inexpensive) pottery.

If you are coming down from Taos you can reverse the loop. Give me a holler if you want any more highly opinionated advice.

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I don't care for Carlsbad, but the Cavern is an absolute must. Walk in instead of taking the elevator down. Allow a couple of hours. Watch the bats in the evening. Stay in the city of Carlsbad, not White's City at the park entrance.


If you like space, visit the VLA.


+1 on the Enchanted Circle. Also the Torquise Trail from east of Albuquerque, through Madrid (as seen in Wild Hogs, but don't let that put you off) to Santa Fe.


Pre-Columbian ruins in Bandelier national monument.


I love New Mexico.

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Visit Los Alamos. There's a great science museum and a gas of a museum store.
This stuff is subject to taste, of course. I thought the science museum was okay, but was disappointed by the store. Kind of weird being in a museum extolling the Manhatten Project, but that isn't meant to be a knock.


There is a great science toy store in the funky mall by the train station in Santa Fe. And Tomasita's restaurant right there is great.


You'll pass Santa Clara and San Ildefonso Pueblos which are both famed for their beautiful (but not inexpensive) pottery.
I bought a small piece for a reasonable sum as a keepsake. Worth the visit.
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