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Independent BMW service?

Mister Tee

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Although I'm perfectly happy with the local BMW motorcycle dealer, and they are fairly close to where I live, the proposition of them closing down is scary. I certainly plan on doing my own routine maintenance (oil, etc.) but something like a clutch or final drive replacement, or some other esoteric service isn't something I want to tackle by myself.


Does anybody know of any independent (non-Dealer) shops that work on BMW's in the greater Sacramento area? Do such animals even exist?

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I can understand your concern. The motorcycle business has always been a challange and it's going to very interesting this year considering the economy. We will make changes, do new things and continue to be pro active. This is our 40th year and we are strong and profitable. My family owns the property. The management team and staff is well trained and seasoned but there is always room for improvement. Rest assured we will be there for you for many years to come.

Randy Felice


A&S BMW Motorcycles

Cell phone 916-705-5356


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