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Kern/Cooper Place 3rd inMoto-st


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Congradulations to Kerns & cooper & BMW of Atlanta clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif on thier recent podium finosh in Daytona. The Moto-ST series opener was Sunday. The R1200s Race bike was destroyed on the track earlier in the week. If I understand it right, Nate used his street bike (R1200S) with ABS in the race.


Can you believe it? Running Third with ABS behind A Aprillia Tuono and a Ducati 848.


Oh Yeah! smile.gif Our Ducatis here at Touring Sport Ducati/Aprillia raced also. The 848 with Doug Polen on board finish Second. The 1000ss ducati in The GST class was leading and ran out of gas with 1 1/4 laps to go. Finished 4th. wave.gif

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Here is what it say about Nate:


"Nate Kern and Richard Cooper on the No. 4 BMW R1200 made a late charge to take a third-place overall finish on a street bike that they converted into a race bike.


“I’m still speechless,” Nate Kern said. “From our third rider getting hurt, from our A bike MOTO-ST bike getting absolutely destroyed. I brought my street bike to instruct at Team Hammer. Man, it’s bone stock. Richard Cooper with eight laps to go, we were 12 seconds down. He made up 12 seconds in eight laps"


Time to go shopping???

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Yeah, you can thank BMW for Nate's win. He was charted to have factory backing from them until a few weeks ago when BMW dumped him. GUESS YOU SHOWED EM NATE!!!!!! Congrats for the win and the sweeet revenge. To bad you didn't do it on another brand. clap.gifclap.gifthumbsup.gif

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