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Time to move on.


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Well my life here on the board has been short. I had to make a decision recently concerning my bike and where I am going. The magic for me is gone. When I bought the BMW I thought that would rekindle the romance of motorcycling. That didn’t work so its time for me to move on to some other activity yet to be determined. Pass the word if anyone is interested in a used RT. I have listed my 07R1200RT in the classified section of this board. Hopefully the moderators will approve and post soon.


Take care

mcenthusiast is leaving the building frown.gif

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Woah! That was quick !

On my brief visit I saw that 'boating' is a big thing around where you live..... perhaps that's the next thing to do ? smile.gif

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If your heart isn't into it, move on. No sense risking your life for something that doesn't have a significant amount of importance to you, that's for sure. Feel free to continue to hang out and contribute, though. thumbsup.gif

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+ for what beemerman2k said. If it isn't comfy and makes you feel all gnarly after a ride a bike isn't the place to be.

Several good-byes lately but better safe than finding yourself in the middle of an OH SH-T!

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Motorcycling typically has a high turn over rate.

It's what makes high dollar bike affordable on the secondary market.


Seeing riders on a what is usually considered a high milage leader brand like a BMW leave can be a bit disconserting.




It's trial and error for some and those that can afford it usually start at the top.


Keep those low mile bikes coming, those of us on the other end appreciate it!

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The OP never said he was giving up riding because of either inexperience, intimidation or fear, what I got from his post was that he was just riding for the nostalgia of it, and found that wasn't a very good reason for riding.


I view riding differently. I do it to get from point A to point B economically, and quickly (and yes it is economical compared to my automotive alternatives.) The fact that it can be fun as well is an added bonus, but that's not my primary reason.


At least what he's doing makes more sense than the typical "for the fun of it" rider that buys a new motorcycle, and maybe puts 1,000 miles a year on it mostly on the way to and from Starbucks.

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