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Greensboro to Blue Ridge Parkway Trip


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I am planning to take a trip to Greensboro to visit my family during Easter break. I am hauling my bike to Greensboro and plan to ride to Blue ridge Parkway over the weekend. Can anyone suggest a good route from Greensboro to the Blue Ridge Parkway? Good place to stay overnight? This needs to be a weekend trip.

This is my first trip to Blue Ridge Parkway. Any tips?


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It is a big world but limiting it to only the Canada, North and South America, there are many Greensboro. However you get to the BRP have a great time! I just returned and WOW what a great time even though it was in a cage with 5 kids. I will sneak away back to the BRP on the bike soon. I may even extend the trip up to Greensboro, Vermont weather and time permitting.

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I'd just take 421 up toward Boone; it's about an hour and a half to get to the parkway. Then north or south on the Parkway until you get tired. If you want real twisty roads, you can continue through Boone and Mountain City to Shady Valley. Do a search on youtube for Shady Valley or just check out their website. It's trying to be the "Dragon" on a smaller scale (bad pun bad).


The campgrounds on the Blue Ridge parkway itself don't open until May. There's a KOA in Boone on the BRP side of town. There are two motorcycle only campgrounds that may or may not be open; give them a call. Willville is up by Mabry Mill on the parkway and is always a great place to stay. The other I stayed at is in Shady Valley and I don't know the name. The cabin was a wonderful place to stay on a cold drizzly night in November.

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The most direct route would be RT220,but probably not much fun .I would head toward the Winston Salem area and try to pick up Rt8 thru Stuart Va.This will drop you at Tuggles Gap/Floyd area.


If you have plenty of time this is a beautiful area to ride.I like to describe it as mountain farm country.

I often zigzag on the side roads between the BRP and Rt221 as I head north,in fact you could probably spend several days riding here.


Rt 8,to the BRP,to Charlottesville and Rt 29(4 lane)back to Greensboro would be a good day ride.

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I'd take US 421 to US 221 near Boone, NC. You can either jump on the BRP before Boone or ride US 221 to Linville Falls and get on there. Used to be a BBQ place there that was pretty good.

I think the southern part of the BRP is the most majestic. I'd stop at Little Switzerland for ice cream. Maybe visit Asheville, NC if you have the time.

The Pisgah Inn is a great place on the Parkway to spend the night. http://www.pisgahinn.com/

Continue on to the southern end in Cherokee, NC. If you like to throw money away, visit one of the Casino's.

It's such a great first time ride, I'd just do the reverse going home.

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pedro cerveza

I think I'd take 221 to where it crosses the BRP on Grandfather mountain. The stretch of 221 between Holloway Mountain Road and the BRP has a bunch of '"S"'s that is a must ride. If you pick up the BRP there and head south you get to ride over the Linn Cove Viaduct (it's considered one of the engineering marvels of the 20th century).

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