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::..aND nOW - something for you 50 somethings..::


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It sounds just as good as it did when I first heard it about 35 years ago. Did I say 35? Where is that doobie? Thanks for sharing!

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Calvin  (no socks)

Wow, John...Me and the wife just listened and went in the way-back machine...coool

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It was really cool on a quadraphonic system. cool.gif


8-tRACK tape if memory serves me.....right..?

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Yep, 8 track quadrophonic. At the end of the song the synth would go 'round and 'round the room through all 4 speakers.

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Wow, an all time favorite.


When our call center admin at work asks what we should use for on-hold music, my answer is "Frankenstein" or "Rock and Roll Hoochie koo" on an endless loop.

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Thank God I'm not fifty clap.gifclap.gif


At least for another 40 days or so frown.gif


Thanks for the flash back.... i think confused.gif

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