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Tested: Meguiar's PlastX on instrument cluster cover


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Hello all,


I just picked up a used 1200RT this past weekend, and although it is relatively new the clear window over the instrument cluster had several scratches. I am planning to do the K1200GT bezel install (thanks to John's help via his write-up), but I wanted to remove all the scratches and swirl marks before the new piece goes on.


After reading a couple of detailing forums mentioning PlastX, I thought I would give it a try. I used it exactly as directed on the back of the bottle to excellent results. In fact, the more time (and elbow grease) you are willing to invest, the better your results will be! I was skeptical at first, but am very impressed after using it. Well worth the $6 it cost.


Here are some crappy iPhone pics of the newly polished cover. I am sure to get some sweet glare from it now!






Hope this helps some of you that might be as OCD as me!

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Thanks, I've got a couple scratches on the instrument panel from my placing my helmet on the top triple tree.

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