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Just traded my K1200R in for an '08 R1200RT. Love it so far. K bike was nice but now it's about all day comfort. I commute 35 miles to work so this is the bike for me. I'm planning a trip to Nova Scotia in May with friends and this bike was made for that trip. If anyone can give any advice as to what to be prepared for, speak up. Thanks.

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Congratulations on the new RT and welcome to the board. It is a great place to hang out and learn about all things BMW. Let the farkling begin!!

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congrats on the new bike.i was trying to get a demo ride on one at daytona but they were booked for the day.they seem like a awesome bike but dont take any offense,i have trouble getting past the looks of them.they remind me of a transformer.but then i am considering a g.s. which obviously says beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.have a great ride.

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Been to Nova Scotia 5 times - fabulous.


If you can, skip the Cat, and go up via New Brunswick and PEI and then select Cape Breton (North loop) or NS proper Southern loop.


Halifax is an awesome city.


Congrats on the bike and enjoy.



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Hi from Cincinnati! wave.gif


I got mine in january. Have yet to get it out even one time (winter is stupid... bncry.gif I hate winter..). Be safe and have a lot of fun!

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Welcome and congrats on the new bike. clap.gif I'm also planning a trip to Nova Scotia (maby Newfoundland as well) around that same time frame. If you want we could meet up and exchange some info. I have had lots o insite from other members from their trips up North - good stuff. Just send me a pm

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