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Oil filter ?


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I was wondering if any of the suggested oil filters fit the BMW tool?

I never gave that any thought when ordering my Amsoil. The Amsoil filter is smaller than the BMW, but the folded-towel-insert-in-the-tool-trick did the job for installing. Removal might be more fun, but I'll cross that bridge then.

I realize there are other tools out there, but i have this fancy BMW tool - you know grin.gif

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Regarding Amsoil filters...the pre-Ea series used the same filter wrench as the BMW filter wrench. However, like you realized, the new Ea series filters are NOT the same size (smaller)...funny, I used the same method to install mine as I didn't realize the size difference until I was doing the oil change. I ordered part G2309 from Amsoil so that I now have the correct filter wrench.

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Great - thanks guys. I've used the Mobil filters on my vehicles before I got on this Amsoil kick, so I'll use that next time on my RT.

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