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Um (Unexplicably choked up), I wrote a letter similar to that several years ago. About five years ago, I was talking to the girlfriend I had sent the letter to. It was a lunch date at a Cafe and we were catching up on old times when she mentioned she still had the letter . Thanks for the link.



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I'm over here as we speak (volunteered) but I only have to stay for 2 months, what keeps me going is knowing that if they can do it for 12 months or more my time here is

trivial. I have people tell me all the time that they will pray for me and I always tell them not to forget the others that put forth way more effort and make more sacrifices than myself. God bless those young Men and Women!

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Thanks John, that is the stuff that brings home the understanding of what our men and women are sacrificing everything they have for.

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