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Happy Birthday PhillyFlash!


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pHILLY...one of my most favorite folks on this board...Happy BDay, dewd..!


Wish I could buy ya a beer right now - we'll do that soon...hope to see ya sometime this summer..

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Happy Bday!


I may forgive you someday for not mentioning this to me over the weekend



Ya,,I was with him this weekend to and he said nothing to me ether,He must be getting to OLD to remember,, lmao.gifHappy B Day Buddy,,,
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Happy Birthday Howard!!! Man how time flies- thought you just had one of these... dopeslap.gif

Many more my friend...at least 2 or 3 a year!!! wave.gif

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Thanks, everyone. I didn't mention it over the weekend since my birthday wasn't until after the weekend. But I believe in having a Birthday Month, so y'all still have time to celebrate it with me. Tim, we can celebrate when I come over next weekend to change tires. Tom, Tool, Russell, and everyone else going to Big Bend, that will be a perfect time. Greg, any time I see you is time to celebrate. And for all others, let's see, I'll be at Torrey in the Spring, the UnRally in July, Torrey in the Fall......yeah, I'll hang on to those rain checks for awhile. We can celebrate whenever I see you.


It was a good birthday. Did very little work, cause I didn't feel like doing anything more. Some people took me out for a few drinks after work (that extended much later than I had planned), I got a little buzzed, smoked a good cigar, and now kicking back before going to bed.


I'm at a point in my life where I believe in buying myself a birthday present each year. For my 50th (7 years ago), I bought my 2000 R1100RT, and that lead to a major change in my life, meeting many of you, and finding some great new friends. This year isn't a big birthday, but I'm still treating myself to something nice. This year I think I'll by some Ohlins for my 1200 RT. Birthdays are good when you treat yourself well.


Thanks again, everyone.

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