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sticky shifting '07 RT


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G'day, all: Took my scooter in for the 6000 mi service about a month ago & had them go ahead and go to synthetic oil in the transmission. Here lately (last 2 weeks or so) have a bit of trouble upshifting out of first gear until I have ridden a half mile or so. It is very pronounced; I have to put quite a bit of force into it and when it does move it feels "notchy" (if that's really a word). As I said, after the first couple of shifts, it works fine. Has anyone else experienced this? It's not really a big problem, but wonder if it could be a precursor to some future problem.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Check the bushings on the shifter with the linkage disconnected. You have to remove the small retaining clip on the ball joint and pull it off the trans. Check to make sure the shifter moves freely as they sometimes stick. If it sticks, take it apart and clean/lube it.

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