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Long aggravating story short, some individual hit my RT in the parking lot knocking her over onto the right side. I don't know if it was a car parking, someone trying to be Joe Cool, or the shopping cart bandit.


Damage: (sitting on the bike)

Right fairing deep grooves around the 1150RT appliqué

Right mirror and lens cover

Deep gouges into cylinder cover


My plan is to try and repair vs. buy newer parts. Any recommendations on a plastic filler and paint application? I plan on replacing both turn signal lenses and upgrading the bulbs so not too upset on that front. Thanks in advance for your input.



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Hi you can repair just gouges by first wash and scrub panels with soap and scotchbrite pad and a plastic parts cleaner if available to get rid of oil,wax etc. Block area around damage with 180 grit,feather out damage slightly, then mix and apply coat of Evercoat Poly-Flex Glazing putty to the scratched area, Block again with 180 and finish with 240 grit and extend 4-6" beyond , prime with SEM 93133 spray bomb Flexible Primer Surfacer. Light coats, the first being to the edge of 240 grit area the 2nd and 3rd stopping within the first coats outer edges, this puts the height of primer buildup staggered to avoid having to block 3 layers of primer. When dry finish primer and original paint all the way to edges of panel with 500 or 600 grit paper. If would then recomend taking panels to a body shop for painting,probably cheaper in the long run than doing in your own shop but that is up to U.Make sure your parts are clean befor you start and that includes the backs any oils transfered onto your finished side will ruin the prosess,Body shops have plastic parts solutions maybe make deal on painting before you repair and have them wash parts befor you start. good luck

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Thank you so much for your answer and the depth included. I never thought to use a body shop for the painting. I really do appreciate it.


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