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Owners manual for 2004 R 1150RT


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Tom, I have that page book marked from when it used to work without a pass word.. Doesn't matter as there are no OWNERS manuals there only service manuals..


I have a whole slew of service manuals for the BMW R bikes & to tell you truth I haven’t ever seen the OWNERS manual on CD or in digital form.. Too bad you don’t need one for a Ducati as I do have those in digital form..


I have seen the BMW R bike owners manuals on E-Bay from time to time & the price isn’t too bad..


I’ll bet Beemer Bone Yard has one someplace also.. (maybe give them a try)



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Thanks I'll do that. I intend to purchase an 04 this coming week and I wanted to get a bit familiar with the features and in general the bike since I am buying it out of town I wanted to know a few things before I have to hit the road for the return.

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