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Emergency HELP needed!


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I just purchased a 2000 F650. I am attempting to change the oil. The BMW dealer told me it held three quarts of 10W50 motorcycle oil.

I just pulled the bottom plug and got just a little less than one quart to drain out???? I measured it.

I only see the one plug. Am I missing something here?

The oil level checked fine before I started this fisco.

So I know it wasn't low.

I am at a loss?

Any response would be appreciated. I am about to miss a very nice Sunday for riding if I can't resolve this????!!



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Terry, most of the oil is in the frame, on the lower end of the front down tube there is a drain plug. When refilling it, do it slowly or you'll make a mess. I also thought it was 20/50 oil.



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Wow! Thanks! I found the little 10mm plug just above the exhaust and wahlah oil come out of it.

Thanks guys very much. I still wonder about the three quart advise? But anyway looks like I will be riding very soon and what a valualble resourse this forum is.

Have a safe Sunday ride.




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Be sure and read that Chaingang FAQ page completely and then read it again. Print out pertinent pages and refer to them often. Both the oil/filter change and coolant change can be quirkly on the F650. Watch out for that bottom drain plug, as the threads strip easily. The head of the plug appears to be made of mush, and the chaingang usually once a year sells a special socket with the front ground down to eliminate the little bevel found on most sockets.

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